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Precision Bioengineering Regenerative Medicine

Human Body Regeneration

We regenerate most of our body in approximately every 3 months.

So, our body has inherent regeneration potential and we are naturally targeted to self-healing

Moreover a population of resident stem cells, that can drive a regeneration process, is distributed  across the body tissues


   The world's first paradigm-shifting breakthroughs in precision guided technology for tissue regeneration, rejuvenation, reprogramming and morphogenesis by eliciting (by Modulation of Cell Signaling Pathways and Fate) paths from the inside, as endogenous processes (Epigenetic, Endogenous REgeneration/REjuvenation, REprogramming/ MOrphogenesis: EREMO), triggering the gene and protein expression of tissue restricted transcription factors that are the fundamental biological mechanisms contributing to neurogenesis, cardiogenesis, vasculargenesis, chondrogenesis, skeletal myogenesis, osteogenesis, hepatogenesis, and organogenesis -harnessing and instructing the body's own tissue- Resident cells, to produce nearly any therapeutic and regenerative protein, in place, with on/off precision, without the need to inject small-molecule drugs, mRNA, stem cells, or chemicals.

Each Human Being is a Small Piece of The Universe/Nature
(Nearly every atom of our bodies were forged by stars.)

We live in a multitude of  physical signals and fields: electromagnetic (EM) field, Higgs field, gravitational field...  which actually exists everywhere all the time, and wthout these fundamental forces interacting, life/nature/consciousness could not exist.

•The human body is unceasingly penetrated and crossed by a number of cosmic particles, energy waves, electrically charged or not.

•Our body generates a seeming infinity of rhythms and vibrations expressing the cells’ molecular dynamics, that are now recordable at the atomic and molecular levels.

•Different cells may have different languages. If you record a culture of healthy cells, old cells, cancer cells you can capture different languages.


Through these reciprocal physical signals, (besides many biological messages), the cells are able to organize their decisions (activation of specific functions, migration, differentiation….. apoptosis)

We Live in an Active Physical Environment

In conclusion, the body’s cells both generate electrical microcurrents and are sensitive to external physical fields and acoustic or subsonic vibrations, and can react with profound functional changes, including trans-differentiation, until clocking reset back to a time zero in which all decisions are still possible.

A Quantum Leap in Precision Regenerative Healing, and WellBeing 

ÉlpisÉremo is a leader in cutting-edge medical research and development of precision devices utilized to induce gene and protein expression of tissue restricted transcription factors/tissue-resident stem cells into multiple differentiating lineages and the production of regenerative proteins, responsible for:

(i) the reprogramming to a highly efficient pluripotent state,

(ii) the prevention and the reversion of cellular aging,

(iii) the enhanced survival to inflammatory and oxidative stresses -for tissue regeneration.

(iv)the fundamental biological mechanisms contributing to neurogenesis, cardiogenesis, vasculargenesis, skeletal myogenesis, osteogenesis, hepatogenesis, and organogenesis.


Our multi-platform precision device strategies are powerful tools for Modulation of Cell Signaling -Regenerative- Pathways and Fate, that will enable us to effectively treat a wide range of devastating degenerative diseases, conditions, and oncology; regenerating diseased/damaged tissues by retrieving our natural capacity for self-healing, rejuvenating, and the reconstituting of vital tissue/organ functions in place (without the need for organ or stem cell transplantation).


We aim to utilize our platform of precision tools to reprogram the patients tissue resident stem cells without the need for stem cell/tissue manufacturing, manipulation, and/or transplantation, by a non-invasive, inexpensive, personalized, and easily deliverable on large-scale bases technique.


For 3D organ bio-printing or older patients who lack enough tissue-resident stem cells, our technology platform and multidisciplinary team's expertise includes somatic cell fusion reprogramming for large scale manufacturing of personalized -genetically matched- pluripotent stem cells products to be combined with our precision regenertive healing platform that induces a active regenerative environment to enable restoring of lost function.

While our precision device intervention strategies have unprecedented therapeutic implications, they also set the basis for a novel paradigm in the precise interventions and restoration of human health with hope to increase the healthy/productive human life span to enable a person in their 90s to be as biologically healthy as a 40 year old.


The development of a “PrecisionWellbeing”, originating from the optimization of essential traits and determinants for wellbeing at the molecular and cellular level. This strategy will pave the way to the application of novel and scientifically rigorous methods to achieve individualized strategies and tools for wellbeing enhancement up to the point to enhance our quality of life even in the presence of any diseased condition. Worthy to note, our approach has the ability to turn the optimization of human wellbeing into a novel tool for a “Preventive Medicine” and "Anti-Aging Medicine".

What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.

– Albert Einstein-

 Élpiséremo is poised to change Healthcare with Real-time Health-State/Well-Being Assessment Utilizing Artifical Intelligence

Our revolutionary breakthrough allows unprecedented evolution of "Well-being" health care by utilizing Artificial Intelligent/digital healthcare programs to assess the well-being of our loved one.

We have developed Well-Being Pods capable to embed the whole body in a dedicated  environment which can be provided by the Pod itself, as well as by its armchairs capable to deliver defined patterning to the spine and use it to other parts of the body. Our platform technology can also be embedded within textile structures, becoming part of vests/dressing bearing codes for promotion of individualized wellbeing pathways.

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