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James Gimzewski


Dr. James K. Gimzewski, Co-founder Scientific Advisor and Strategic Technology Evangelist,  a distinguished professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles and faculty director of the NPC Lab at California NanoSystems Institute.  Prior to joining the UCLA faculty, he was a group leader at IBM Zürich Research Laboratory, where he conducted research in nanoscale science and technology for more than 18 years.  Dr. Gimzewski pioneered research on mechanical and electrical contacts with single atoms and molecules using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and was one of the first persons to image molecules with STM.  His accomplishments include the first STM-based fabrication of molecular suprastructures at room temperature using mechanical forces to push molecules across surfaces, the discovery of single molecule rotors and the development o new micromechanical sensors based on nanotechnology, which explore ultimate limits of sensitivity and measurement.  His current interests are in the nanomechanics and ultra resolution microscopy of cells and bacteria where he collaborates with the various researchers at the UCLA Medical and Dental Schools.  He has been involved in projects that ranged from the generation of X-rays, ions and nuclear fusion using pyroelectric crystals, study of actin binding proteins and single molecule DNA profiling.  He is also currently developing a new form of computer based on self-organized critical phenomena in collaboration with National Institute of Materials Science, (NIMS) is Tsukuba, Japan, where he is P.I. and Satellite Co-Director of their WPI Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) Program.  He is also Scientific Director of the UCLA Art|Sci Center.

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