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Nickoli Strelchenko


Co-Founder, Scientific Officer, and Director of Cell Reprogramming of ÉlpisÉremo Inc., and QuantumEpigenesys Adjunct Professor,  Director of Stem Cell Research and Bank, Reproductive  Genetics  Institute (Chicago, Il); granted breakthrough patents for the development of methods of  bovine cloning using reprogrammed non-embryonic bovine cells. Dr. Strelchenko has over 20 years of experience in somatic cell genetics, including establishing ES-cells from different species, primordial germ cells, nuclear transfer technology, somatic cell hybridization, and cytogenetics.  He participated on cloning project at ABS and later at Infigen Inc., and helped to establish a number of normal and genetically modified human embryonic stem cell lines at Reproductive Genetics Institute

Nikolai Strelchenko, Ph.D. Senior Scientist.

Dr. Nikolai S. Strelchenko (Nick), native of Russia graduated in 1977 from the Kharkov Zoo-Veterinary College specializing in domestic animal genetics. He received his PhD degree from the Institute of General Genetics of Academy of Science in Moscow in 1984 specializing in somatic cell genetics. In 1986, Dr. Strelchenko became Senior Researcher at the All Union Institute of Animal Husbandry (Moscow) working with embryonic stem cells of domestic animals. He was later named head of the Lab of Cell Engineering following the death of Professor Smirnov. Dr. Strelchenko's responsibilities included establishing, characterizing and testing several embryonic stem cell lines from cattle, swine, sheep and bees for transgenic purposes. From 1987 to 1991 he supervised several PhD students who are internationally recognized and now working in the United States. From 1990-1991 he worked at the Animal Science Institute in Mariensee, Germany on nuclear 

transfer of bovine stem cells. In 1992 he joined ABS Global, Inc. and is presently with Infigen, Inc. to continue research in bovine embryonic stem cells for the application of cloning. Dr. Strelchenko, principal investigator, is a world renowned scientist known for his expertise in cell culturing and cloning. Under the tutelage of Dr. Nikolai Strelchenko, he became proficient in the techniques and art of cultured embryonic stem cells. In 1994, he joined Advanced Cell Technology, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and specialized in the production and culture of transgenic bovine and porcine embryonic stem cells. He was a key figure in the production of the first transgenic cloned calves.

(News related to Nick from previous venture that was way ahead of its time)

World's First Patient-specific Pluripotent Stem Cell Company

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