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James Ryan


Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer ÉlpisÉremo Inc., and Quantum Epigenesys. For nearly 20 years, he has been deeply involved in pioneering research, the development of cutting edge clinical translation of various types of regenerative medicine after an experimental clinical translation of stem cell therapy helped save his infant sons life in 1998. In 1999, he established the first pluripotent stem cell company in Japan “JIG” (Jimmy’s Investment Group Corporation) to develop a cure for his son, Jimmy. He began developing, investing, and accelerating disruptive regenerative medicine technology in 2000 when he established business/research relationship with RGI (Reproductive Genetics Institute). in 2004 he established "Asclepius Therapeutics", a Joint venture with Dr. Yury Verlinsky and Reproductive Genetics Institute, he served as its Chief Executive Officer, Co-founding the World's First Patient-specific Pluripotent Stem Cell Company, utilizing -somatic Cell Reprogramming STEMBRID Technology. Co-founded several other regenerative companies, and recently served as Chief Executive Officer of iHorus Inc. He is the current CEO of Elpis Eremo Inc. and has deep knowledge of regenerative medicine and almost two decades of research and development of cutting edge technology.

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