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Egg selection Camera

Egg Selection AI Glasses

The success rate of infertility treatment in the 21st century requires the cooperation of AI.

Professional infertility treatment for refractory infertility patients

Welcome to the world of the world's first artificial intelligence-based infertility treatment


World's first successful screening of eggs using artificial intelligence to increase pregnancy success rate.

Solving intractable infertility problems with AI technology

Selecting eggs by AI

AI selects the best eggs with the highest pregnancy rate and increases the pregnancy success rate.

Embryos selection by AI

AI can help increase the effectiveness of infertility treatments by accurately selecting embryos with a high pregnancy rate.

Overcoming refractory infertility treatments

During infertility treatment, doctors and embryologists are responsible for selecting the best eggs and embryos from among multiple eggs and embryos.

Of course.Patients do not know how to select eggs or embryos.
Therefore, patients leave everything to the doctors and embryologists.

It would be great if they had good doctors and embryologists, but there are many hospitals that don't.
Time is at a premium for women who have an age limit for egg retrieval.
Therefore, eggs and embryos are extremely valuable for women undergoing infertility treatment.

Our honorary advisors, Robert Edwards, Nobel Prize winner and developer of test tube babies, and Yury Verlinsky, founder of the Society for Preimplantation Diagnosis, both said during their lifetime that

“I was once told by Dr. Robert Edwards, the Nobel Prize winner for pioneering in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure, ‘the most important thing to achieve higher pregnancy rates in infertility treatment is in the selection of oocytes (eggs). No matter how good the infertility hospital is, If the selection of eggs is incorrect, it will be more difficult to achieve pregnancy. Therefore, the most important thing is a good embryologist’” said James Ryan, CEO of ELPISEREMO

However, there are only a few excellent doctors and embryologists in developed countries and other countries who have such an eye.
It would be great if all infertility treatment hospitals had competent eyes, but that's not the case. Moreover, doctors and embryologists are humans. There are cases where eggs and embryos that had an excellent pregnancy success rate are discarded due to poor health or mistakes.

Our CEO, who himself has experience in infertility treatment, wanted to find a way to solve these problems.

Eggs and embryos that are blindly selected and thrown away are life. We believed that there was a need for technology that would enable fertility treatment hospitals, doctors, and embryologists to select perfect eggs and embryos, regardless of their health status.

And if artificial intelligence can sort eggs and embryos, it can sort eggs and embryos with high pregnancy success rates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without getting tired or sick, and no matter where you are, in any country.

And thus, our company's ``Egg sorting AI'' was born.

You can rest assured that any infertility treatment hospital that has this "Egg sorting AI" will have a high pregnancy success rate no matter where you are. There is no need to accidentally discard excellent eggs or embryos.

This camera is currently being developed as a pair of glasses.

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