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Terms of Use

Date of latest amendment: April 4th, 2018


This agreement is made by and between you and operator of ELPISEREMO and has the legal effect as a legal contract. The operator of ELPISEREMO means the legal entity that, recognized by law, operates the networking platform. The operator of ELPISEREMO may be referred to, individually or collectively, as “ELPISEREMO Inc.” in this agreement. 


1. Agreement and Execution


The content of this agreement includes main body of this agreement and various rules that have been posted or may be posted from time to time by ELPISEREMO. All of the rules shall be an integral part of this agreement, and shall have the same legal effect as the main body of this agreement. Unless otherwise expressly provided, any service provided by ELPISEREMO and its affiliates (hereinafter referred as “ELPISEREMO Service”) shall be bound by this agreement. You shall carefully read through this agreement before using any ELPISEREMO Service, and pay close attention to the content written in bold font. You may consult ELPISEREMO if you have any question with regard to this agreement. However, regardless whether you have carefully read through this agreement before using ELPISEREMO Service, you shall be bound by this agreement as long as you use ELPISEREMO Service. You shall not claim to void or rescind this agreement on the ground that you did not read this agreement or you did not receive any respond from RJ.HILTON to your consultation. You hereby promise to accept and observe this agreement. If you do not agree to this agreement, you shall immediately stop registration/activation or stop using ELPISEREMO Service. ELPISEREMO may make or amend this agreement and various rules from time to time as needed, and announce the same on the website, without any individual notice to you. The amended agreement and rules shall come into effect immediately and automatically upon being announced on the website. If you do not agree to the relevant amendment, you shall immediately stop using RJ.HILTON Service. If you continue using ELPISEREMO Service, you shall be deemed as having accepted the amended agreement and rules.


2. Registration and Account


1、Eligibility of Registrants


You hereby confirm that you are an individual, legal person or other organization with full capacity for civil rights and civil conducts when you complete the registration or actually use ELPISEREMO Service in any other way allowed by ELPISEREMO. If you do not have the said capacity, you and your guardian shall undertake all the consequences resulted therefrom, and ELPISEREMO shall have the right to cancel or permanently freeze your account, and claims against you and your guardian for compensation.


2、Registration and Account


You shall be bound by this agreement once you have filled in information, read and agreed to this agreement and completed the registration process following the instructions on the registration page or you have filled information, read and agreed to this agreement and completed the activation process following the instructions on the activation page, or upon your actual use of ELPISEREMO Service in a way permitted by ELPISEREMO. You may log in ELPISEREMO by your email address or mobile number that you have provided or confirmed or any other means permitted by ELPISEREMO. You must provide your real name, ID type, ID number and other information required by the laws and regulations. If any information you have provided during the registration is inaccurate, ELPISEREMO will not take any responsibility and any loss, direct or indirect, and adverse consequence resulted therefrom will be borne by you. ELPISEREMO accounts can only be used by the person whose name they are registered under. ELPISEREMO reserves the right to suspend, freeze, or cancel accounts that are used by persons other than the persons whose names the accounts are registered under. ELPISEREMO will also not take legal responsibility for these accounts.



Through ELPISEREMO Service and other services provided by ELPISEREMO and its affiliates, members may post deal information, access to the pricing and dealing information of a deal and carry out the deal, participate in activities organized by ELPISEREMO and enjoy other information services and technical services. If you have any dispute with other members arising from any transaction on ELPISEREMO, once such dispute is submitted by one or both of you and the other member to ELPISEREMO for dispute resolution, ELPISEREMO shall have the right to make decision at its sole discretion. You hereby acknowledge and accept the discretion and decision of ELPISEREMO. You acknowledge and agree that, ELPISEREMO may, on requests from governmental authorities (including judicial and administrative departments), provide user information provided by you to ELPISEREMO, transaction records and any other necessary information. If you allegedly infringe upon any other’s intellectual rights or other legitimate interests, ELPISEREMO may provide the necessary ID information of you to the interest holder if ELPISEREMO preliminarily decides that the infringement exists. All the applicable taxes and all the expenses in relation to hardware, software, service and etc. arising during your use of the ELPISEREMO Service shall be solely borne by you. By using this service you accept that all trade executions are final and irreversible. By using this service you accept that ELPISEREMO reserves the right to liquidate any trades at any time regardless of the profit or loss position.

4. User’s Guide of ELPISEREMO Service


You hereby promise to observe the following covenants during your use of ELPISEREMO Service on ELPISEREMO: All the activities that you carry out during the use of ELPISEREMO Service will be in compliance with the requirements of laws, regulations, regulatory documents and various rules of ELPISEREMO, will not be in violation of public interests, public ethnics or other’s legitimate interests, will not constitute evasion of payable taxes or fees and will not violate this agreement or relevant rules. If you violate the foregoing promises and thereby cause any legal consequence, you shall independently undertake all of the legal liabilities in your own name and hold ELPISEREMO harmless from any loss resulted from such violation. During any transaction with other members, you will be in good faith, will not take any acts of unfair competition, will not disturb the normal order of online transactions, and will not engage in any acts unrelated to online transactions. You will not use any data on ELPISEREMO for commercial purposes, including but not limited to using any data displayed on ELPISEREMO through copy, dissemination or any other means without prior written consent of ELPISEREMO. You will not use any device, software or subroutine to intervene or attempt to intervene the normal operation of ELPISEREMO or any ongoing transaction or activities on ELPISEREMO. You will not adopt any action that will induce unreasonable size of data loading on the network equipments of ELPISEREMO. You acknowledge and agree: ELPISEREMO shall have the right to unilaterally determine whether you have violated any of the covenants above and, according to such unilateral determination, apply relevant rules and take actions thereunder or terminate services to you, without your consent or prior notice to you. As required to maintain the order and security of transactions on ELPISEREMO, ELPISEREMO shall have the right to close relevant orders and take other actions in case of any malicious sale or purchase or any other events disturbing the normal order of transaction of the market. If your violation or infringement has been held by any effective legal documents issued by judicial or administrative authorities, or ELPISEREMO determines at its sole discretion that it is likely that you have violated the terms of this agreement or the rules or the laws and regulations, ELPISEREMO shall have the right to publish on ELPISEREMO such alleged violations and the actions that having been taken against you by ELPISEREMO. As to any information you may have published on ELPISEREMO that allegedly violates or infringes upon the law, other’s legitimate interests or this agreement or the rules, ELPISEREMO shall have the right to delete such information without any notice to you and impose punishments according to the rules. As to any act you may have carried out on ELPISEREMO, including those you have not carried out on ELPISEREMO but have had impacts on RJ.HILTON and its users, ELPISEREMO shall have the right to unilaterally determine its nature and whether it constitutes violation of this agreement or any rules, and impose punishments accordingly. 


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