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stefano zanasi


Prof Dr. Stefano Zanasi Co-founder and chief of the muscle-skeletal project of ÉlpisÉremo Inc., a Specialist In Orthopedics, Specialist In Hand Surgery and Microsurgery in Orthopedics, Biotechnologies applied to Orthopedics‘ and Plastic Surgery. Chief of Mis Hip and Knee Implant Arthroplasty  and Biotechnologies of San Donato Group Hospitals in Bologna, and Milan, Italy  - San Donato Group, Villa Alba Hospital., Italy - Villa Maria Group Tuscany Surgical Center, Arezzo, Italy, Clinical professor University of Florence, Italy, Clinical Professor University of Belgrade, Serbia. Consultant for the musculoskeletal diseases of INBB (Inter-universitary Consortium of  National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystem) at the laboratory of Molecular Biology and Stem Cell bioengineering of the University of Bologna. Consultant of De Puy-Johnson & Johnson Co, Warsaw, USA Consultant of Biologic Therapies Co.  for the research, development and clinical application of biotechnologies applied to musculoskeletal defects. Consultant of Smith & Nephew Co:, Memphis, USA  Technical Consultant of the Court of Modena.

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