Milford Graves

Co-founder ÉlpisÉremo Inc., and QuantumEpigenesys, Professor Emeritus of music and holistic medicine at Vermont’s Bennington College, scientist, acupuncturist, music therapist, herbalist, martial artists, shaman, and world renowned Jazz musician and theorists, awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, developed computer program to record heartbeats, analyzing the rhythm, polyrhythm, syncopation and pitch. The sound is played back through a specially designed sound system sound of the human adult information stored within the primordial vibrations that develop during the embryonic cardiogenesis. "This is really cutting-edge work, and Milford's work is very similar to that. You could take Milford's research and plant him squarely in a lab at Harvard or MIT and he'd be right in the thick of things."Dr. Baruch Krauss, an associate professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.